DNS Enablement for SaaS Products

Onboard Customer Domains, Easy & Fast

Designed for your SaaS Product. Streamline how you onboard users with their custom domain to your SaaS product. Automates setup for 80% of your customer cases. Cuts your support costs and accelerates your product growth.

Designed for Common Use Cases

Onboard customers to your software, whatever your use case: Domain Verification, SSL, Email Authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC), Custom Website Domains

No Contract. Self Serve. Get started for Free.

Signup and get started. Pay only for what you need and use. No long term contracts.

Easy Install and Use

Lets non-technical teams self-serve with No-Code / Low-code options. Or use our Developer API and Drop-in Components to build a native DNS Enablement experience in your SaaS product.

Plans & Pricing

FreeStarterPro (Most Popular)Enterprise
A streamlined user domain onboarding experience for your app. Combined with our powerful, hosted DNS service layer. Same-day setup and install.
No credit card needed.

This includes:
* Create, deploy, and manage personalized, programmable DNS records to each of your users.
• Limit of 10 Domain Configurations Per Month
• Real-Time Slack Support Channel
• Access to our Developer API
For when your application is starting to scale up your user domain onboarding volumes.

This includes:
Everything in Free Starter, Plus...
• Pay for performance. Billed only for successfully configured domains
• Full access to our Admin Portal for No-Code setup and management
• Book a setup session with our engineers
Supports custom service domains and whitelabeling so that you can provide a branded, native experience within your application.

This includes:
Everything in Starter, Plus...
• Private Slack Channel for direct communication with our product development team
• Custom Branding and Whitelabeling
• Custom Service Domains
Priority support, compliance, and team management for mature organizations.

This includes:
Everything in Pro, Plus...
• Priority Support and Account Management
• Team Management and Access
• Single Sign-on (SSO)
• SOC-2 Compliance
$0 per monthStarts at $80 per monthStarts at $250 per monthContact Us

A Domain Connect Alternative

A useful spec that's frustrating and expensive to implement.

"DNS Enablement is becoming essential for SaaS businesses who want to scale with software instead of labor. We looked at integrating with Godaddy’s Domain Connect directly, but we realized that while it’s the start of a good solution, it’s not a complete solution. CloudValid is really the complete solution. Godaddy’s Domain Connect costs least $3000 annually in access fees, automates less that 5% of our customer cases, and takes at least a month to setup. And it's just a spec, which you need to wrap with front-end and back-end that you develop yourself. We estimated that a fuller rollout of Domain Connect with the handful of other supporting providers would have taken us at least 6 months and tens of thousands in development costs, for still a minority of customer cases. CloudValid cost us less, automated over 80% of our cases, was setup same day, and cut our related support tickets by 90%. It was really a turn-key solution. CloudValid was in this case a strictly superior solution to Godaddy’s Domain Connect for our circumstances, across every dimension of cost, performance, effort, and time. This is the absolute best DNS Enablement product in the market. Such an easy decision to use them.”-Sahand, CTO/Co-Founder @ NotificationAPI.com

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