DNS Enablement for SaaS Products

Onboard Customer Domains, Easy & Fast

Designed for your SaaS Product. Streamline how you onboard users with their custom domain to your SaaS product. Automates setup for 80% of your customer cases. Cuts your support costs and accelerates your product growth.

Designed for Common Use Cases

Onboard customers to your software, whatever your use case: Domain Verification, SSL, Email Authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC), Custom Website Domains

No Contract. Self Serve. Get started for Free.

Signup and get started. Pay only for what you need and use. No long term contracts.

Easy Install and Use

Lets non-technical teams self-serve with No-Code / Low-code options. Or use our Developer API and Drop-in Components to build a native DNS Enablement experience in your SaaS product.

Plans & Pricing

Free StarterDeveloperEnterprise
Get setup and installed in minutes. Starts providing your SaaS product with ongoing, reliable, DNS Enablement.

This includes:
• Limit of 15 Domain Configurations Per Month
• Real-Time Slack Support Channel
Supports custom use cases and whitelabeling for a native experience within your application.

This includes:
• Everything in Free Starter, Plus...
• Custom DNS Service Names
Priority support, compliance, and team access for mature organizations..

This includes:
• Everything in Developer, Plus...
• Single Sign-on (SSO)
• SOC-2 Compliance
• Team Management
• Priority Support
$0 per month$250 per month$1,250 per month

Made With Love by Experienced Pros

Experienced Founders

Product and Engineering founders who are building from experience, who deeply understand why DNS Enablement matters, and should matters, for the success of your SaaS product.

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